Our plant tissue culture laboratory with 20,000 sq .ft floor area is adequately equipped with all state- of- the- art production and R&D facilities.


Back in the history, Mike Biotech Asia commenced trial operation in Rambukkana, Sri lanka and later in the year lab was moved to Nawala, Sri Lanka.

In short period, our plants were well received by customers and demand increased. This is one of the turning points in the business, management decided to construct a new state- of- the- art production facility to fulfill the demand.

Dutch expertise in the tissue culture industry was approached by the management and layout and design advice were obtained. Construction was carried out by reputed Nawaloka Engineering and equipped with world leading brands.

Currently it is a largest tissue culture laboratory in Sri lanka for in-vitro plant production.


Work capacity

We have a modern, well equipped state of the art production facility with an annual production capacity of 12 million plants per annum consist of 5 transfer rooms, 6 growth rooms, 2 media preparation rooms with packing hall has a seating capacity for 50 employees.

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Transfer Rooms

Space for 72 operators to work at laminar air flow work stations installed with HEPA filter and UV facility along with sterile beads for tool sterilization. Temperature controlled by Chillers and Air Handling Units.

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Growth Rooms

Our plant growth rooms are designed to facilitate adequate environment for optimal growth. Temperature and the airflow controlled by main chiller and individual air handling units. Adequate lux intensity is given by florescent and LED lights. Temperature in individual growth room varies from 18C – 24C as per the requirement. Our growth rooms can hold up to 2.2 million plants at a time.

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Media Facility

Composed of 3 sterilization chambers and dedicated area for media preparation and storage. Specially designed media mixture unit and dispenser unit ensure the quality of the formulation and dispensing volume. Water use for the media preparation is filtered through Reverse Osmosis system. UV sterilization room used for treating recycled media jars.

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Plant Nurseries

Controlled by nursery management system, with automated drip irrigation facility. Poly net house covers area of 1.2 hectares, used for acclimitization and stage 4 material productions.

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The Laboratory operation is controlled by Managers and Management Executives. In total of 53 skill technicians have been employed to carry out day to day laboratory activities.

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