Mike Biotech Asia Shines at the National Business Excellence Awards 2023

In the world of agriculture and biotechnology, where innovation and dedication go hand in hand, Mike Biotech Asia (Pvt) Ltd has emerged as a shining star. The year 2023 heralds a fresh wave of accomplishments and accolades for this extraordinary company, and we are thrilled to present our inspirational journey.

National Business Excellence Awards 2023: A Night to Remember

It was an evening of anticipation and celebration as industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries gathered at the prestigious National Business Excellence Awards 2023 ceremony conducted by The National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka.
The room was filled with excitement, and for Mike Biotech Asia (Pvt) Ltd and our amazing team, it was a night that would be remembered for our outstanding achievements.

Amidst fierce competition and high standards of evaluation, Mike Biotech Asia (Pvt) Ltd emerged victorious in multiple categories, showcasing their unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. The awards they secured were nothing short of remarkable:

1. Agriculture & Plantation Sector – Overall Winner: GOLD Award

In the ever-evolving world of agriculture and plantation, Mike Biotech Asia (Pvt) Ltd was able to win the gold award. Our dedication to sustainable practices, cutting-edge techniques, and superior plant quality has not only propelled us to the top of the sector but has also set an inspiring example for others to follow.

2. Excellence in Global Market Reach – Overall Winner: GOLD Award

The ability to reach global markets and establish a firm presence on the international stage is no small feat. Mike Biotech Asia (Pvt) Ltd has not only achieved this but has excelled in it. Our excellence in global market reach showcases our commitment to spreading our innovative solutions far and wide, benefitting communities across the globe.

3. Medium Category – Overall Winner: GOLD Award

In the midst of fierce competition, Mike Biotech Asia (Pvt) Ltd has proven that we are not just good; we are the best in the category. Our commitment to growth, innovation, and operational excellence has earned the coveted Medium Category – Overall Winner GOLD Award, a testament to our outstanding performance.

4. Overall Winner: Bronze Award

The crowning achievement of the evening was the Bronze Award for “Overall Winner.” This award symbolizes the exceptional journey of Mike Biotech Asia (Pvt) Ltd and its vision. Out of all the businesses in Sri Lanka, we were able to secure a bronze award.

A Journey to Excellence

These accolades are not just about the organization; they are a testament to the collective efforts of the remarkable team at Mike Biotech Asia (Pvt) Ltd. Their hard work, dedication, and expertise have been the driving force behind these outstanding achievements.

Mike Biotech Asia (Pvt) Ltd has always been committed to excellence in the agricultural and plantation sector. These awards reaffirm our position as leaders in the industry, setting a high bar for others to strive towards.

A Word of Thanks

As they celebrate these accolades, Mike Biotech Asia (Pvt) Ltd would like to express their deepest gratitude to their valued clients, partners, and stakeholders. Their unwavering support and trust have been instrumental in the company’s journey to success.

A Bright Future Ahead

The National Business Excellence Awards 2023 have not just honored an organization; they have celebrated a vision, a commitment, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Mike Biotech Asia (Pvt) Ltd has set a shining example for the industry and continues to inspire with its innovative solutions and unwavering dedication.

As we look forward to the future, we can only anticipate more remarkable milestones from this incredible team. Their journey is a testament to the power of dedication, innovation, and teamwork in achieving greatness.

Congratulations to Mike Biotech Asia (Pvt) Ltd on their outstanding achievements at the National Business Excellence Awards 2023. Here’s to a future filled with even greater success and innovation!

By Ashen Piyathilake

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